- Reinhard Gorner (German, b.1950)
- Medium: 
- Size: 60 x 40cm (different size available, please feel free to contact us to order different sizes)

*A-frame is available in all different styles and sizes, and it can be ordered as an extra cost. Contact us to know more about the frames and display. We are happy to provide a customised service for the frame for our customers and willing to know more about our customers' taste in frames. 


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* Reinhard Gorner, the perspective is key in his work, come and have a look, it feels like you are standing in the room ready to walk and discover a fabulous universe. Historical architecture, palaces, libraries, museums and even contemporary buildings and parks or nature, Gorner is fascinated by what is impressive, elegant and he wants to bring us into those amazing places.

German - Reinhard Gorner


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