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Artist David Hockney
Title  My Parents, 1977
Size 40 x 60
Medium Giclee Print
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David Hockney (born 1937) was the first British artist to act like a pop star, famous and glamorous from the moment he graduated from the Royal College of Art as gold medal-winner in 1962.


British pop art started before American pop art (with Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi in the 1950s), but it was Hockney, a young man dealing with love, sex and the modern world, who captured the public imagination in paintings with graffiti-like slogans such as "I will love you at 8 pm next Wednesday" and the Beatles-like comic pathos of his 1962 work A Man Stood in Front of His House With Rain Descending.


My Parents, 1977, painted in oils on canvas, is a subtle exploration of family relationships. Hockney found the painting difficult, and commented, ’Naturally it’s hard to paint your parents because you are examining both them and yourself, it’s a portrait of three people, in a way’.


In the painting, Hockney’s mother sits patiently, as he has asked her to, whilst his father, unable to simply sit any longer, reads a book while he waits. Hockney had hoped to do more portraits of them, but this was prevented by the death of his father just a year later. 


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My Parents- David Hockney [SOLD]

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